If you’ve had an impossible day, and you simply want to end it right, then here are 7 steps to help you do so.

1.    Leave it all behind when you get home

Don’t carry your stress and work-related tension back home, where it can affect your peace of mind and your relationships. Try to leave it behind when you leave work for the day. Most importantly, try not to let your bad mood (stemming from your workday) affect your time with your loved ones.

2.    Feed your body, your mind will feel fed

If you’ve had a hectic day, it almost goes without saying that you might have missed a few meals. Your body will be begging for food, even if you can’t hear it do so over your tiredness. Feed yourself a good home-cooked meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s something simple, as far as it’s filling and nutritious.

3.    Take a long, soothing soak in your tub

Never underestimate the soothing affect that running water (or water in general) has on a troubled mind. Standing under a shower after a long day and letting your day get washed off can feel a lot better than you think. Turn down the water temperature to as cold as you can bare it to jolt your body awake and give it that rejuvenated feeling. If soothing your body is what you have in mind, then opt for a warm, relaxing dip in the shower instead. Remember that soothing oils and candles can be great for this as well.

4.    Pamper your skin and hair

Who needs to go to a spa when you can have a pampering session in the comfort of your home? While you’re soaking away, consider giving yourself a face and hair treatment. Select the best clay mask you have at hand, or the best aloe mask you have for your face to soothe yourself. Invest in hair masks for days like this, especially if you will be spending time outdoors.

5.    Slip into something comfortable or luxurious

Once you have given yourself enough time to let the water do its magic, take the pampering a step up by taking time to moisturize your body. Then, slip into something old and comfortable, or something that makes you feel alive. This depends entirely on what you feel like at the moment.

6.    Listen to something soothing or watch something relaxing

By now, your body must be feeling well and truly relaxed. If you are still to feel sleepy, we suggest you listen to something soothing until you are ready for bed. If you are not the music type, or you just don’t feel like it, watch some mindless television, or watch an old comedy show that you love. The same can be said for a book you’ve read a few times but still love.

7.    Head to bed early

Finally, try to head early to bed. Aim to get at least 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Keep away anything that will disturb you from getting it; especially your smart phone. In fact, we strongly suggest that you make your bedroom an electronics and entertainment free zone…!