As an adult, how often do you find yourself watching cartoons? It is by no means a reason to be ashamed of, if you still are in the habit of watching cartoons. Most people, even at an older age are likely to watch these due to many reasons. While a child is drawn to the pictures on the TV that are animating, as an adult, you may find the overall experience of watching a cartoon satisfactory in ways that cannot be described. Therefore, here is a sneak peak as to why most adults, including you may still be drawn to watching cartoons, despite the age.


Life is a learning curve; there is no end to your learning until the day you close your eyes and leave this world. Especially as adults, you will find yourself constantly making mistakes that you believe cannot be undone. However, if you watch a simple cartoon, you would realize that the simple lessons they present are actually applicable in your adult life. The challenges that you face could be compared to the one that a simple Jerry faces because of Tom (with reference to the ever beloved Tom and Jerry cartoon). Therefore, most adults find that experience and these lessons are relatable.

Walk down memory lane

It does not matter whether the cartoon was produced in a USA or Singapore animation studio firm. What matters is the fact that these pieces of work are able to take you on a journey that no other form of media can. When you sit in front of the TV as an adult, watching cartoons, you are sure to be taken back to your teenage years or even younger days when life was simple and joyful. All the merry moments will come rushing back due to a simple cartoon.

Stress reliever

Being an adult is by no means easy. There are always those many moments that you feel like running back to the golden days when life was simpler and your parents would look after you. However, there is no time machine to do that in this timeline. Relieving the stress you are under is highly important as it directly affects both your physical and mental health. It is always advised to watch some cartoons in order to feel free and relaxed as it is one of the best forms of stress relief for an adult.

Good form of entertainment

If you feel like life is full of sorrow and hardships, sit down, relax and watch a cartoon on TV. You would forget all hardships that bind you away from true happiness. Good entertainment can always cheer you up.

Have you found cartoons close to your heart even as an adult?