Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka have some of the best cuisines in the world. Here are few things that you cannot miss if you visit any of the above countries:

The land of food

Apart from its colorful traditions and rich history, India is known for its delicious food. People all over the world visit this country solely to eat. The best thing is that it is very affordable. India is known for its street food which has dishes like Pani Puri and this is something that you cannot miss! Apart from this the small shops or mini restaurants serve some amazing dishes such as biriyani. There are also high end places, in Delhi Bukhara is pretty famous and serves some authentic cuisines! This place is preferred mostly by rich folks such as celebrities.

Malaysia truly Asia

If you want adventure as well as try some amazing dishes then Malaysia should be your next holiday destination. It has many islands offering couple of water sports for those who want to be active on their trip. If you are looking for adventure you could also do mountain climbing in one of the islands. The Malaysian food is beyond amazing. Their popular dish is mee goreng; this is made out of noodles mostly maggi with a twist. This would be your go to food when you are low in cash. Most of the people do make a point to visit Singapore when they go to Malaysia as the flights are cheaper. This is a relatively smaller country but has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and food. If you are travelling with kids then you could take them to universal studios and sentosa. They also have a night safari package for those who like adventure. In terms of food this country has a lot to offer. In fact, Italian restaurant Singapore is one of the best in the world.

Pearl of Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of Indian Ocean. This is a beautiful tropical island and a popular destination chosen by retired tourists who love to spend their time in some of the best hotels this Island offers. If you are looking for some adventure then you could go to Argumbay which is famous for surfing. For those who want to know more about history could visit sigiriya which has a lot of ancient buildings which carry a lot of history. In terms of food, Sri Lanka is known for “kottu”, this is a spicy dish available all the srilankan restaurants. So do not forget to try this next time you visit this beautiful country.