Remodelling a home in Australia is an expensive venture. If you plan on bringing down walls or digging into your backyard, it would require obtaining permits, paying for contractors, and so many other expenses. But don’t let expenses keep you from improving the looks of your home. Remodelling is not the only way to give your home a radical new look. Here are several simple tips for redecorating your home without spending too much:

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Pick New Wall Colours for Rooms

One of the most affordable a easiest way to give your home or a room a facelift is to repaint in a new colour. You can try a DIY project to give the interior a new, colourful look. However, if you want the job to be done professionally, hire well-known and experienced painters Adelaide or in your local area. The pros can also give you tips on how to pick the new shades. For interiors, it’s recommended to choose colours that can add personality and liveliness to rooms. But it’s largely up to your preferences, so choose carefully.

Upgrade the Light Fixtures

One of the main reasons some homes feel so dim and drab is the lighting. How old are the light fixtures you use in the kitchen or the living room? The kitchen, for example, can be vastly improved by upgrading the existing light fixture system. Install more lights in the kitchen, especially in those dark areas under overhead cabinets, to instantly make the whole room look better. You can upgrade the outdoor light fixtures to make the yards or courtyards come alive at night, especially in the summer. The living room can typically do with more light as well. Buying new light fixtures won’t cost much. You can find great designs conveniently online and for quite cheap as well.

Allow in More Natural Light

Other than light fixtures, consider how much natural light your home gets during daytime. When the windows are small, obstructed, or are badly placed design-wise, the rooms would be dark even during daytime. This leads to more power consumption when residents resort to using artificial lights. Also, dark rooms take a toll on the mood. Increasing the amount of natural light that pours into a room is a great way to uplift the mood in any room. You can do this by installing larger window frames, which is a manageable expense. Better yet, remove obstructions in front of existing windows and get rid of those thick curtains. Let the light in without hindrances.

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Eliminate Clutter with Space-Efficient Furniture

No room looks nice with all the clutter that tend to accumulate. There’s an easy solution to this. Buy space-efficient furniture. These are furniture pieces that double as storage in addition to serving another purpose, such as a table or a chair. The additional storage can be used to place all those little things that gather around the house to keep rooms clean.

You can also improve upon the existing flooring by buying a new carpet. You don’t need expensive wall-to-wall carpeting. Buy a stylish rug or a carpet to decorate the room instantly. Another idea is to cultivate a backyard garden and plant lots of flowers that would look breathtaking during the warm months.