Every bride and groom wants the wedding reception to go smoothly. After the ceremony, the reception is the time to greet all the guests, so there’s little space for error there. If you want to organize the perfect wedding reception, here are several tips to follow:

Candles in bags for the courtyard

Start Planning Early as Possible

Most soon-to-be brides and grooms start planning early for the ceremony, but not the reception. Making arrangements for the reception is just as important as making everything go perfectly well for the wedding. As you choose the flowers or the best outfits, make sure you also pay attention to the serving cutlery and table arrangements for the reception. These things may seem easy and simple, but they take time and cannot be ignored until the last minute. So start planning the reception early to get everything right.

Create a Timeline for the Wedding

You may know when the guests start arriving, but what happens after that? What time would be the ceremony, the reception, and other activities? Providing timelines for the whole event would make it more organized. It’s particularly beneficial for the reception so the caterers can plan when to serve the appetizers and cocktails before the main meal. Of course, these times don’t have to be strictly observed,but should be followed at least roughly. It will keep attendees—guests and photographers included—less confused about what’s going on.

Pick a Venue with Great Lighting and Temperature Control

The reception is about the aesthetics as much as everything else. The venue you choose should be well lit regardless of the time of the day. It should also have ideal temperature control to make everyone comfortable throughout the vent. If you choose an outdoor venue, most of these aspects will be out of your control. But as long as you go for the best function room hire Geelong or something similar, you should pay attention to how well-lit and hot or cold the venue is.

Keep the Event Schedule Minimalist

Don’t clog the reception schedule with too many events. There are, of course, certain events that have to be followed, like the cake cutting ceremony, throwing the bouquet, the many dances and so on. Adding even more events to this list would only prolong the wedding and leave everyone tired. So prioritise only the important reception events.

Set the Entertainment at the Centre

Don’t put the entertaining DJs or band in a corner at the reception. The guests will be better able to enjoy themselves if the entertainment is at the centre. Allow guests to interact with the performing band or DJ so they will have more fun.

Keep the Diners Away from the Dancers

Make sure the seating arrangements are done in a way that keeps the dancing well separated from the dining. There will be people who want to dance a lot at your wedding and those who might prefer to sit in a corner and sip on a cocktail. So allow guests space and don’t convert the whole venue into a dance floor for the reception.

Finally, the bride and groom should be comfortable too. Wear comfortable shoes for the reception because you will have to stay standing to meet guests. Don’t forget to mind the budget either.