Buying a bulb for a room sounds like a very simple task, and yet most Aussies are still in the dark about which type of bulbs are best for each room in the house. There are several considerations to take when choosing a bulb, such as the location, the type of fixture, and of course, the costs. If you are unsure about which bulbs would be best suited for your home, here are several tips that will help you make up your mind:

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Wattage isn’t Everything

Don’t judge the bulb by the wattage. The amount of wattage refers to how much electricity a bulb uses, not how much light it gives off. The brightness of bulbs are measured by a unit called lumens. The higher the lumen count is, the brighter the bulb would be. On the other hand, a higher wattage count may not necessarily indicate a brighter bulb. Energy-efficient bulbs are very good at giving a higher lumen count without consuming a high wattage count as the same time. For example, an LED bulb can emanate 800 lumens of brightness using about 10 watts. In comparison, a regular incandescent bulb uses a whopping 60 watts to give out the same lumen count. You can save power and thus money by choosing low-wattage, high lumen bulbs. Always choose products with the energy-efficient label for the best results.

Understand the Types of Lightning

Bulbs create the brightness for any room in the night. As a result, bulbs serve three main functions that interior decorators classify as task, ambient, or accent. Task lights create a lot of brightness that allow you to get work done, such as reading or cooking. The ambience brightness refers to the overall amount of light in the room that illuminates the whole place. Ambience can be created by both natural and artificial light. Accent light makes any given area bright, such as a reading desk, an artwork or a kitchen counter. It’s distinguishedby the shadows the small amount of brightness creates. The type of light you require in the room will depend on the purpose of the room.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

When buying bulbs, consider the purpose to create the brightness on par with the types of light as mentioned above. For example, for the kitchen, you would want to choose bright bulbs with a high lumen count. You can choose an average lumen count for ambience in the bedroom. Additionally, you may want to highlight some areas with accent brightness. Therefore, choose the bulbs and fixtures depending on these purposes. Do your fixture research well for lighting online to find the best bulbs for each room.

Pay Attention to the Climate

The climate in and out of your home plays a role in how durable the bulbs can be. You may want to buy specially coated bulbs for the outdoors to withstand the elements. If there are special climate conditions in the area you live in, take these onto consideration when buying bulbs.

Pay attention to the above points and keep them in mind when you go shopping for new bulbs next time.