Every couple of months or at least once a year every individual would begin to clean their house. They do this not only to organize themselves. But also to declutter their house. Thus, when they undertake this task they would end up with various items they no longer need. When this happens many individuals tend to simply throw them out. That is because they believe that if they don’t want them no one else would want them either. However, there are certain individuals who go on to donate their old clothes.  But many individuals fail to realize that they are throwing out valuable items. Furthermore, even if they don’t need them there could be other individuals who would.


We have all heard of individuals such as teo yen koon desmond who tend to donate extravagant items. We all know that we would not be able to do something similar because we lack the financial means. But many individuals fail to realize that they are sitting on gold mines. For instance, when cleaning your home you would come across countless books you no longer require. These can be novels or even reference books. We understand some individuals keep them even if they don’t want them. That is because they don’t want to throw away books. But there are also those individuals who throw them because they have no space. But there are alternative options available to you apart from throwing them out. For instance, you can donate them to your local library. This would sound like a simple task to you. But we can guarantee that individuals would enjoy these books in the years to come.


Millennials have a tendency to update their electronic items on a regular basis. Thus this also includes purchasing computers annually. Therefore when they do this they will have a pile of old unused computers. Some individuals tend to sell them. But there are others who simply keep them in a corner of their house. Therefore instead of letting them rot, you can donate it to someone. That is because even though these computers may be old they are still usable. Therefore you can give it to someone who needs it. This can be a student or even a single parent trying to work from home. You can also donate it to your local library. This way numerous individuals would be able to access it.

Thus, if you follow this guide you would realize that you don’t have to throw items out. Instead, you can donate it to someone who needs it.