Are you someone who loves the summer months? Does everything about summer make you happy? If so, you can always incorporate this happy season to your wedding to make your big day more memorable. Here are a few tips and suggestions to follow in order to make summer come alive on your wedding day.

Say Your Vows Basking In the Sunlight

The summer sunlight is something beautiful in its own right, and added to the glow of your big day, it will be something far more beautiful than you would imagine. If possible, try to have your ceremony while the sunlight plays out in the garden, most churches have plenty of windows, allowing the sunlight to peep in creatively. However, even if it’s not so, or you are not getting married in the church, remember that the sunlight plays a large part in making any picture look naturally beautiful.

Choose the Venue of Your Big Day

Why not make the most of your summer by having your big occasion outdoors? This way, not only so you get to say your vows in the sunlight, you also get to enjoy the summer breeze. This is apart from the fact that your guests will very much enjoy the difference from being cooped up indoors. Remember that there are plenty of garden wedding venues for you to choose from, so don’t think it won’t look formal enough.

Ask Your Wedding Guests to Dress in Bright, Summer Colours

Having themes for weddings are common enough nowadays that we are pretty sure it’s nothing new to you. However, asking guests to dress according to the theme is still relatively new. Since summer is your theme (or something if something related to summer is), ask your guests to dress in bright, summer colours. Make sure to be clear about the difference between bright and bold. Floral prints and other summer designs should work quite nicely as well.

Serve Summer-Friendly Food, Picnic Style

What better way to embrace summer than to have a picnic, on your special day? Of course, you need to make sure your guests are aware of this picnic style food serving, so they come prepared for it. You can also make sure you provide everyone thick blankets to sit on so no one gets grass stains on their clothing. Since your guests are also going to include elderly people who might find it hard to sit down on the ground, make sure to include a few rustic chairs to your “seating arrangement”.

Make Flowers and Candles a Big Part of Your Decorations

In general, flowers are a bit part of any wedding. But since the theme you are considering happens to be related to summer, make sure to include flowers as the centre attention of your decorations. Including patches of grass as your table runners can also further include summer to your festivities. Beyond this, you can always include candles and crystals to fill up the gaps.