As a parent there are so many things you should worry about when you are raising a child. Because, at the end of the day it is not easy for any parent to see a loved one very sick and unable to move. The first thing you should make note of is to immediately rush to the hospital. But, if you are sure of what is wrong with the child then you may treat them yourselves. But, it would always be best to consult a doctor when it comes to a toddler or an infant.

 What should you do to ease your child’s pain?

The medicine can sometimes be strong and it can make the child feel very heavy headed but, when they are having high fever it would be best if you could slightly give them a cold compressed wash so that the fever will subside and they will feel better again. The main problem is that the child shouldn’t have a fever for too long. If the fever doesn’t subside then you should put in a suppository for them. A child also needs to rest properly without struggling (which is something no one can control)

How to take the pain off the body?

There are many advices which doctors give. But, no matter what there are just so many other things which a parent cannot ear to see as well. Today, whether you like it or not. A dreadful fever comes in with constant pain in the body and it seems to be a very hard thing to see when your child has to go through this. Not to mention the financial situation of the family as well. There are a number of funds and organizations which show and help children who are sick. The Dawood foundation initiated by philanthropist Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood have helped a number of people all over Pakistan.

What you should be aware of?

The most important is that if you are a big family a sickness can spread so if there are other children you should protect them and keep them a safe distance or else, you should ensure that the house too is always clean and that there aren’t any germs at the end of the day. Protecting, your home from dirt is actually hard and it can be difficult. But, you should know that the house be clean from all impurities. The way, children fall sick actually is from kindergarten friends or even from a family member too. So, please make sure to keep the child safe.