If you own a private estate or there is one that is family owned with a lot of lovely scenery around and massive greenery filled, open spaces, you would definitely want to plan your nuptials there. It is a great idea to have a garden ceremony and it is also a trend that is becoming increasingly popular for that same reason. Planning a nuptial ceremony outdoors is not very different to a traditional indoor ceremony in that, the events would pretty much be the same and you would still have to buy the same things, but there are also a few things that you will have to give consideration to. Here are some simple and helpful tips that will make you plan a lovely nuptial ceremony in your private estate.

Think About Weather Conditions

The biggest problem that could happen quite possibly would be if a sudden downpour just washed everything away on your big day. This is why you need to always keep an eye out for the weather forecast and also make arrangements in case the weather does change unpredictably. For this, you can make use of a wedding marquee hire where you can accommodate the guests, food, bar, cake and everything else. Depending on the size of your guest list your seating will need to have enough space. Even if your nuptials are in the middle of summer with no chance of rain, having a shaded area is still a great idea for people who do not wish to stay for long hours in the bright sun.

What About Your Decor?

If you are having your nuptials in the open, it is logical to have décor that is natural too. Because nature will give you so much of the background and the setting, you need not even spend so much on buying décor especially and can incorporate various elements of the estate into your theme for the day. If you have a lovely vine, then running through around an arched doorway could become your altar. If you have a lawn with a rustic pathway down the middle, then that could be your aisle. If you have an abundance of blooms in the spring, some of it can serve as centrepieces for your guest tables. Not only will you be saving money but you will also be adding a lovely natural and simple radiance to your ceremony.

Keeping the Food in the Right Condition

If it is a really hot day and your cake is sitting under a heated up tent or directly in the sun, you might have end up with cake soup to feed your guests with. Therefore, one more aspect of an open nuptial ceremony could be looking at the facilities needed to store the food and drinks in the right way. With your bar of course, you can easily get a portable refrigerator which the caterers will supply most of the time. Even catering dishes to serve the food in will be provided. However, make sure that temperature regulation and all that happens correctly with a bit of a test run.