It’s happened, your ever so loving bundle of joy is “finally” turning one year. As much as this is a celebration for them, it is definitely a bigger celebration for the parents. You have come through one year of sleepless nights, diaper changes, random vomits, and multiple visits to your pediatrician, you definitely deserve a party- the 1st party.

As your time is mainly consumed with your little one, planning a birthday party may be the last thing on your mind but once you have it you will realize it will be the most memorable, not just for your baby and for you aswell.

Great Way to Record your Baby’s Developmental Milestone

The 1st birthday party may be the “only” party the parents have a say in. Go ahead! Choose any theme and decor you prefer from the 1st birthday party singapore. As your baby is too young to play games or even understand a party is happening, all you need to do is create a play space. This is also a great chance for you as parents to get family and friends together to celebrate your baby’s developmental milestone and take lots of pictures. These memories will last a lifetime.

Celebrates Parents

As much as this is a celebration for your baby, having a 1st birthday party gives satisfaction to the parents that they have made it through the first year-especially for new parents. Let’s face it, no one is truly prepared when a baby arrives, it is a shock, and it changes everything. How the parents adapt to this change during the first year is a must needed celebration at the end of the first year. Having a party will not only give the parents a sense of relief, but assure them they have done a good job as parents.

May Only Last an Hour to a Hour-and-a-Half

The 1st birthday parties tend to always be short as people also realize it is never good to get the baby overtired. Inviting a VIP guest list to a beautifully decorated house with snacks would be good enough for this occasion. Usually you find family pitching to help, and don’t be shy to get help-you have a baby to take care of!

Party supply businesses have made it easy for parents to concentrate on their baby while they take care of the decorations. Whatever your budget is there is something for everyone. This is the party to celebrate the family, friends, and people who helped the baby grow happy and healthy.