If you are a couple that constantly fights over the pettiest issues, you surely need to change some of your ways. It is very common for couples to fight; however, constant fighting is not a good sign. It means that you both cannot come into an agreement and resolve any issues. Amidst the fighting, some couples do find a way to live happily, meaning that it all comes down to how you feel after the fight. If you both are cheerful people and don’t mind a few boxing rounds and ultimately leave happily, you might be fine. However, if you are left feeling angry, sad and resentful, you need help. So here are some of the easiest ways to make it work.

  1. Take a break

A heated moment can be very dangerous if not handled well so the best thing is to leave the scene. Take even a 5 minute break and go into another room or onto the garden so that you can calm yourself down and get back to the problem more sensibly with a clear mind. You will find that when you both are calmer, it is much easier to talk things through and come to a conclusion rather than screaming over the top of your heads. Some marriage counselling experts believe that sleeping it off is also a good way to reduce fighting. It is often said that you shouldn’t go to bed angry so solve all problems before you sleep. However, sometimes shutting down your brain is the best solution so that the next morning, you are both fresh to talk about it.

  1. Own up to your doings

Unless your partner is crazy, he or she will not get angry just randomly. You surely must have done something to annoy him or her and accepting your fault can do wonders in a fight. Of course you don’t want to let down your guard and accept your fault, however it is needed in a relationship. it will show that you actually care about the other person and not just about winning the argument. Also learn to express empathy towards the other. You need try to understand their side of the story too, before you come into any conclusions.

  1. Shut up and touch

Experts advise couples to hold hands during a fight and this is guaranteed to decrease the intensity of the fight. Since touch is a very powerful sense, you will surely not be able to shout at each other while being physically in contact. It has been found to be impossible. So the next time a heated argument comes up, shut up and hug each other for a few minutes even if that is the last thing you want to do at the time.