Accidents can occur in many ways at any place. Most of the time, they take place because of carelessness and lack of attention, and so we become responsible for whatever’s happened. Avoiding or keeping away from challenging activities is not the manliest thing you would do. It is never wrong to be a sport and take big risks. In fact, that is exactly what you ought to do: try big things and aim for the impossible. However, if the action you take involves high risks and elements of danger, you must take all the required safety measures or precautions to avoid any kind of harm or mishap. Majority of the accidents happen due to the failure of this crucial requirement. Thankfully though, in such cases, there are a couple of advanced rescue options that can be helpful in minimizing chances of severe damage and death.

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Falling from Heights

When you are out in the field doing serious tasks that involve, for instance, rock climbing or handling heavy-duty machinery, you can be prone to accidents if you aren’t paying enough attention. Sometimes, however, it could be just an unfortunate circumstance that perhaps wasn’t in your control. In case of major accidents in such events, extrication devices become an essential part of the rescue mission. This is an equipment used primarily in providing support to the spine in case of a back injury after a fall. It is a thickly padded device that is buckled around the victim’s body, after which the person is carefully removed from the affected danger-zone. This kind of device is used anyway in certain fall-accidents because there isn’t really time to check for types of injuries sustained.


A stretcher plays an almost similar role in rescuing a severely injured person from a disaster site. Whether or not the victim sustains a back or spinal injury, it is never advisable to move him/her post the accident without a supportive device. When a rescue team arrives, they would first look out for signs of survival and carefully place the injured person on a stretcher, carry him/her into the ambulance, and transport him/her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

First Aid

Apart from transporting devices, you would obviously carry the essential first aid equipment that would sometimes become the first requirement even before the above two, depending on the accident and the injury. Oxygen, bandages and ice packs are some of the number one items you would have in your first aid kit in addition to a load of other important applicable items. Before you can transport the victim to a hospital, you would need to make sure his/her heart functions and that he/she is somewhat conscious, that’s when instant first aid becomes required.

Sometimes, we become responsible for certain consequences we face, even though we call them ‘accidents’. It is very important to pay attention, and take all important precaution measures in so that you could minimize or perhaps even completely prevent accidents, catastrophes, and major disasters because all it could take is one little mistake to throw things out of hand.