A wedding isn’t complete without the favors at the end. Like back in the good old days when a party was never complete without a goody bag!

Wedding favors are actually something that most guests that attend the wedding, look forward to. So, you should be able to gift something that is not only interesting but memorable as well. And here are some tips to help you out with it.

Check ‘memorable’

There is nothing like being able to share the joy of your wedding with everyone else for as long as you are celebrating the anniversaries. But to be able to do that, you should be checking out the ‘memorable’ corner of door gifts singapore. Look for things that the guests could display around in their home or keep with them for a long time rather than something edible. This way whenever the gift crosses their eye they would remember the joyful time that they had at your wedding!

Take the place in to account

If you are hosting your wedding in a place that is special or different than the usual hotel ballroom, then do consider incorporating elements of it as a base to give your guests wedding favors. This way there is a greater connection established between the place which is obviously a result of the theme and the favor that you gift. So for an example if you are throwing a garden party, you can consider gifting floral scented natural soaps or if it is it a beach party then may be some sea salts or diffusers with the sea scent would be ideal!


If you want your favor to be meaningful as the entire day was to you, then do try gifting DIY favors to your guests. Of course, this option should be consider depending on the extra time and effort you can spare in addition to all the other preparations you need to make. Nonetheless, if you are considering this option, design something that would reflect your personality and be interesting for the guests. This way that ‘meaning’ you are trying to incorporate would be added to the top.

Try some honey

No matter who says what you can never go wrong with something sweet. So design a goody bag as a favor and fill it up with your favorite sweets. You could bake custom design cupcakes or cookies as well to be handed out.

So do consider the above tips and select the ideal favor to gift your guests at your wedding!