Many of the steps of planning a family reunion are dependent on the location you will choose for the party. Therefore, it is important to choose the place early in order to inform your guests, order food and plan the entertainment activities. Here are some great ideas to throw a family party and what you should consider before and after selecting them.


This is the best place for a family reunion. Especially if there is only a small number of guests and you or one of your relatives owns a house with enough space, hosting your party at home will be a lot cheaper. It doesn’t always need to be an indoor party either. You can take your celebration to outside and have a backyard party. However, you will probably need some extra chairs and tables for your backyard party. There are many places you can buy park furniture Perth from and they will offer you a wide selection too. If it is a backyard party, you will also need to be aware of the weather. Sometimes you might need a tent or a canopy to provide shade from rain or sunlight.

A Trip

One the coolest ways to celebrate a family coming together is to plan an outdoor trip. You can have a hiking trip, a camping trip, a lakeside picnic, a fishing trip or a visit to a place like a historic site or theme park. This will not only be a chance to reunite with your loved ones but also to relax and enjoy a vacation. But before planning the trip you need to make sure that all the members of your family can participate in your adventure. Check if anyone has any medical conditions that will make them unable to participate. If such a situation exists, you can limit the trip to something simple like a picnic or a tea party where there are no mountains to climb or difficult paths to walk on.


A luxury cruise is another way to spend time with your family and have fun. There won’t be much work in the planning of a vacation as many things such as the meals and entertainment events will be included in the holiday package you choose. However, for a luxury vacation like this, you need to give your family members enough time to prepare, at least a year. This is because cruises can be pricey and some family members might not be able to afford it, especially if you tell them at the last minute.  They will also need time to inform their employers or university if they are taking a long vacation.

The Beach

A beach with its beautiful scenery and good weather is possibly one of the best venues for any celebration. You can select a beach closer to your place or take a trip to a beautiful tropical land such as Bali or Hawaii. But if they get together is a long vacation you need to check with a beach hotel close by and settle the accommodation for your family members too. There are many entertaining events that you can participate in and most of the time; these activities are offered by the hotels close to the beach. Therefore, when choosing a hotel to stay you also need to consider the activities they offer, along with other facilities.

Before planning any family activity, the first step you should take is to inform others of what you plan to do and get their ideas too. You need to consider how convenient the venue will be for them to reach and to what extent they are able to afford the expenses of the vacation as well.