Most women are known for their love and fascination with bags. It is very seldom that you’d meet a woman who doesn’t love bags. Aside from having a nice bag it is also important that we have all our essentials organized all together. Because there are some essentials that we can consider as a lifesaver so we have to make sure that they are readily available inside our purse. But nowadays a lot of women are struggling in terms of organizing their bags’ contents. Below are some helpful suggestions that you can keep in mind when putting stuff inside your bag:


Wallet- this is one of the most important things that you should always bring with you. Your wallet should contain cash, your credit cards as well as valid ID’s including your drivers’ license.

Laptop/ cell phone  or tablets- You need your phone so you can get in touch of anybody at anytime of the day. Laptop or tablet are essentials if you are always on the go. You can always squeeze in a little office work wherever you may be.


Chargers and power banks- Nobody wants their phones and gadgets to run out of battery juices especially during emergencies. Better be a girl scout and add this on your bag essentials. Don’t forget to add the charger cables as well.


Perfume- We should make an effort to smell good at all times by placing a bottle of our favorite fragrance in our bag. You want to try something new> You can check out online perfumes Singapore

for more selections that would suit your taste.


Keys- make sure that you have your car and house keys with you at all times. Make a duplicate of it just in case you lost or misplaced it.

A pen and notebook- We always want to make sure that we don’t miss out on important stuff by writing down all our errands and making to do lists such as groceries, bill payment and work related deadlines.


Plastic envelope- A lot of us has a habit of just placing our receipts everywhere. It’s easier to look for things when they are organized in one specific location. Collect all of your receipts and bills and place them together in one envelope for easy access.


Beauty kit- This is considered as an essential for every woman out there because this will be our lifesaver. You should make sure that you have the following things inside your beauty kit at all times:


Hairbrush and clips- in case of bad hair days

Lipstick and lip balm- to prevent dry and chapped lips

Press powder to retouch in case your skin gets oily.

Alcohol, sanitizers and wet wipes- if soap and water are not available at least you can still clean your hands.