Tips, ideas, and suggestions to make his first visit memorable.

Make Sure You Prepare a Room for Him Well Before He Arrives, Even If He Might Not Stay Over

Is your dad coming over for the day? Or spending a few days with you in your town? Regardless, make sure you’ve seen to his sleeping arrangements well before he arrives. This way he will not feel guilty that you are scrambling to find room for him, or that he is making things hard on you. Why prepare a bed even if it’s for a day visit? Because you can never know how late your plans will run; and if it gets late, its best not allow him to travel back home the same day.

Take Him Out For Lunch and Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant

If you have been living in your new town for a while, you are sure to have found a few favourite restaurants to dine from. Make reservations for one of those beforehand so you will not be disappointed. If your father has a preference for a certain dish or a certain type of food, then try to make your reservations at such a restaurant. For example, if your father loves fish and you live in Melbourne, and then find the best seafood restaurant Melbourne to take him to.

Play the Tourist with Him

As a newcomer to the city, we are pretty sure you explored it and played the tourist. This means when your father comes to visit, you can quite easily play the tour guide to his tourist. Make sure to include a few of your favourite city spots so it is more meaningful to the two of you. Haven’t explored the town yourself to play the tour guide? No problem! Simply do an online search on the hot spots in your town and ask a few of your local friends for recommendations. Who knows, you might find a few places that you would never have found even if you explored alone!

Have a Heart-To-Heart; Make the Trip worth It

We are sure your dad missed you as much as you missed him. If his visit is a short one, don’t bother taking him around all day or spending it in public places surrounded by strangers. Instead, consider staying home, cooking him a few home-cooked meals or ordering takeouts. This will allow you to spend more time with your father, catching up and having a well-deserved heart-to-heart with him. Make his trip worth it to him by showing him how much it means to you that he visited you.

Build Memories That You Can Both Cherish

Above all, learn to cherish the moment. Whatever plan you have in mind, make sure to keep it simple, there is no point in you exhausting both of you by trying to do too much in a few days. Instead, visit just a few tourist hot spots and have only a meal or two that is not home cooked. You can always do the rest when he visits again. Build memories the two of you can carry with you for a long time to come.