In a wedding, the details incorporated play a huge role in concluding whether it was a successful one or a memorable one or the complete opposites. That is why the gown of the bride, her flower bouquet, the centerpieces, the venue, the decorations, the theme and even the favors all are details that the wedding couple stress over a lot.

Favors in general is a detail you that cannot miss, as it is something that the guests aren’t going to forget about any time soon. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to what you let them take back home. So here are some ideas you can use.

Something to cook

If you are looking to gift your guests an interesting and unique favor, then this is the ideal favor for you! Compile a mini recipe book with the recipes of your favorite foods and hand it out as they leave. To make sure that they hold on to it for long, you could also consider attaching a key chain ring to it. Unlike the usual door gifts singapore this is something that is more personalized, therefore it certainly has a lot more meaning and value in it.

Something to place

Coasters are rather interesting details that have become trendier than before, today. So even if it is not used for the purpose it is meant for, it is still left as a decoration. Nonetheless, it is a detail that cannot be missed on any desk that you pass by. So if you want your guests to be able to hold on to the memory of your wedding for long, then you should certainly consider designing interesting coasters. Those that are customized to the wedding theme and colors.

Something to grow

Your big day is a new chapter in your life and there’s lot more interesting adventures to look forward to together. And as time goes by the heart only grows fonder. So let your guests remember these days by gifting them seeds of your favorite flowers. As spring gets closer and the flowers start to bloom, they would surely remember the day your love started to sprout it’s tiny buds in front of a field full of people!

Something wrapped up

There’s definitely nothing like receiving a wrapped-up gift as a favor. So, do consider this idea as well and wrap up a gift with a little note as a wedding favor to your guests!

Something to drink in

Another unique favor that you could gift your guests is copper mugs. These are actually trending these days thanks to the Moscow Mule. So don’t hesitate to gift them one with yours and your partners initials printed on it.

Select the ideal from all of the above and gift only the best to your guests!