As stressful as it might get when it comes to wedding planning, the key is to remain cool as a cucumber. And doing so would surely a difficult and tough challenge to achieve, yet it is key to make sure things so right. Here are some wedding planning mistakes you need to know of.

Don’t overload

There is always a dream wedding plan in any woman’s head. And when the moment finally arrives, she might try her level best to make it come true. And during such times, she (you) might want to work things out all by herself to achieve what she dreamed of. While that is perfectly alright to work on things, you need to understand that there is also the chance that you might not get everything that you want and therefore pushing people away and trying to work things your way isn’t going to help. There are people out there that truly want to help you get through this even if you already have a professional qualified with wedding planning certification singapore. So just accept the help and work your way through!

Don’t be bossy

It is only natural that you get stressed when things aren’t looking like you want them to look or when the bridesmaids aren’t helping you out by cooperating. In such situations don’t lose your cool and boss them around. Most of the times, with all the work and need for perfection, the bridesmaids are now treated as actually maids to an extent where every single thing they wear or do, should be approved by the bride or they need to run errands for her and such. Don’t be that person, instead be nice to them and let them genuinely help you with things rather than bossing them around.

Don’t go crazy with the venue

We all understand that nowadays it all about being the best, and therefore people are crazy enough to go to extreme lengths just to make it to the ‘best-list’. Don’t be that person! Some weddings are now held in the most ‘unique’ places that a wedding has never taken place before. While it is cool to think out of the box like that, do consider your guests. Don’t inconvenience them by picking places that are hard to get to or difficult to manage, with the fancy clothes. So be thoughtful and wise (that includes NO underwater weddings!).

Keep it simple

Whatever you do make sure that it is simple and manageable especially with regards to time. this means that you need to control that urge to DIY everything! Don’t ever take up this idea because you are only going to increase that stress meter!

So consider the above tips and plan a good wedding that is fun and memorable!