After a long and stressful week from work, it’s a very good idea to relax and have a good time with either family and friends. It’s really nice to think about just hanging around the backyard and having a pool party and enjoying good food and drinks with people who are close to you. Below are some things that you can do when planning for a small get together.


Plan the invite in advance- make a list of the people that you would like to invite for the party. Send then an informal invitation a week or two in advance either by calling or sending them a text message to confirm their attendance.  Make it specific if kids are allowed in the party to avoid confusion on their end.

Treat your pool area- If you are expecting quite a number of guests to arrive, make sure that you treat the pool with Chlorine a few days before the event. Spray the area with anti flies and mosquitoes as we don’t want our guests to be bothered by flying insects around and contaminating the food during the party.


Plan and shop for food- If you are planning for an extended pool party then you can start serving lunch, snacks and dinner as well. Shop for party needs and food ingredients a few days before. If you are planning to have a barbeque then all meats must be purchased and marinated in advance. Make sure to take them out from the freezer a few hours before the party to give it time to thaw properly. Stock up on a lot of finger foods and appetizers such as nachos, chicken wings, mixed nuts and assorted fruits. You could also prepare for pizzas, salads and grilled chicken, pork or even palytes of seafood.

Prepare a variety of drinks to be served. You can serve cocktails and mix them in large quantities by the poolside. Prepare a cooler full of ice cold beers and colas. You can check out some of the Japanese beers in Singapore for more beer options. Also, don’t forget to serve a lot of non-alcoholic drinks such as flavored iced and juices to keep the guests hydrated throughout the party. Do not forget to stock up on a lot of ice cubes as well.


Use disposable plates, glasses and utensils for the party because it will make cleaning up easier for everyone and prepare large trash bags as well. Put a designated trash bin where your guests can dispose of empty beer bottles and soda cans,


Two days before the party make sure that tables and chairs have been set up at the venue for all the guests to be comfortable throughout the event. Prepare for extra sets of towels, slippers, sunscreen and bug sprays just in case any of the visitors might need it.