There is such a thing as shedding extra pounds off you in the wrong way. The worst part about this is that in the long run if you keep on with these wrong practices you will actually harm yourself more than anything else and perhaps be even at risk for a serious health risk. Therefore knowing what is right and what is wrong can be of essential help when it comes to getting back to that slim figure you always wanted to enjoy. Here are some of the wrong ways of shedding pounds and how you can avoid them.

Using the Wrong Working out Techniques

Everything is available online and everybody is suddenly an instructor. But the danger in trying out moves without actually grasping the right technique is that you will injure yourself at some point and if you are lucky it may be nothing too debilitating. In every type of exercise that you see, there is a core technique that you should master. Licensed instructors are trained and know what they are talking about and if you train with them they will guide you until the technique comes to you naturally. Doing your high intense moves especially, without any prior experience or guidance all by yourself could put you at great risk. Try to get professional help until you learn the ropes at least for your own benefit.

Taking Starvation Diets

Another fad that has been showing up over the past decade is extreme diets that deprive your body of essential nutrition and put it in starvation mode. Your body then starts to deplete the fat and energy stores that it has been saving and of course since you are not putting anything in to replace it with you will lose your extra pounds fast. Note however that once you are off the diet you will pack them right back on which is a complete waste of your time and energy and you would have risked your wellbeing for absolutely nothing. Take part in a weight loss retreat or two, go for classes, talk to a proper nutritionist or get a qualification yourself that will teach you how to actually balance out your meals and enjoy a great figure without starving yourself.

Working Out Too Much Too Fast

Your working out plan has to be a realistic and gradual one. If anybody is promising you that you will lose your extra pounds in days be wary. Work out gradually and build up your resistance and endurance. Go slow and steady and gradually strengthen your body enough to build muscle while burning fat. Always remember to measure your progress not in the kilos and pounds but in the body fat percentage that you have burned. You will see more permanent results this way and will also be strengthening your body more rather than pushing too hard with zero reinforcement and causing yourself a major injury that will also be a big setback in your work out plan. These are some of the wrong ways to lose the pounds and how you can avoid them and adopt the right methods for positive results.